Magnesium Silicate (Talc)

With the use of optimum resources, we are manufacturer and provider of Soapstone Powder / Talc Powder in India which is a naturally occurring steatite. It is also called French chalk, Steatite Powder & talc stone, and comes in brilliant white and off color. These soft white powders are known in the market for their huge applications and uses. It has an extremely soft soapy feeling and the powder is very slippery.

It is a mineral composed of hydrated magnesium silicate with the chemical formula H2Mg3(SiO3)4 or Mg3Si4O10(OH)2.These are obtained with the best grinding process and supplied in secure packing. In loose form, it is the widely-used substance known as talcum powder. 

Talcum powder is valued for its extreme softness, smoothness, high lubricating and hiding power and ability to absorb oil and grease. Above all it can be easily powdered, cut and sewn into any shape and size. These properties in talc are of extreme value for various industrial applications.

We offer high-quality Talc Powder that is a metamorphic hydrated magnesium silicate with a soapy feel and pearly luster. Its lamellar structure and the platy ness give excellent results to the products. Composites filled with TALC enhance the performance properties of the compound. It exhibits higher stiffness, creeps resistance at both ambient and elevated temperatures.


Application :

  • Plastic Industry– Talc is the softest mineral filler used in the plastics industry. It has high resistivity, low gas permeability, low abrasiveness, and high lubricity. All of these qualities are attributed to talc’s plate structure. The aspect ratio of talc fillers is as high as 20:1.
  • Paint Industry– Talc is used primarily in industrial paint and coatings, wood lacquers, printing inks, fillers as well as in various coatings. … Talc increases coverage and weather resistance of the products. The use of talc creates a barrier effect, which limits the penetration of water and corrosive agents into paints and coatings.
  • Cosmetics-Talc powder in cosmetics makes a perfect result on the skin by making facial makeup, captivating moisture, averting caking and enhancing the finish of the cosmetic product. Talc Powder is also used in paint, plastics, roofing, rubber and other industrial products.
  • Bio Fertilizer and Agriculture-In order to add beneficial attributes to the fertilizers, use of our talc facilitates the feature of coating agent.Soapstone Talc powder can be effectively used as carrier for biofertilizer, biopesticide and bioinsecticides
  • Soaps and Detergent Industries-Our Talc Powder For Detergent/Soap Industry acts as a carrier of detergents and also reduces the cost. Due to the natural quality of being inert and harmless to skin, this Talc Powder For Detergent Industry is the most popular filler.
  • Paper Industry-Talc is profoundly used in the pulp, paper and board industry, as a pitch control agent, a runnability aid, a coating pigment and a functional filler. It is used as a filler to give smoothness, porosity and opacity to paper in addition to reducing the cost.
  • Rubber Industry– The rubber industry talc is used for two purposes. One, as compounding material in the preparation of certain types of hard rubber, and the other, as a lubricant to prevent rubber moulds from sticking.
  • Construction Chemicals-Talc is used in the production of the materials that are widely used in the building interiors such as base content paints in wall coatings. Other areas that use talc to a great extent are organic agriculture, food industry, cosmetics, and hygiene products such as baby powder and detergent powder

FRP Figure Glass Industries-we are engaged in manufacturing, supplying, wholesaling and exporting quality assured Soapstone/ Talc Powder. This talc is extensively used for FRP / COMPOSITE applications. Our offered talc is processed using high quality ingredients.